The Money Museum opened its doors on February 28, 1993 as a coin museum in Breedestraat, Punda. The museum is owned and managed by the Central Bank of Curaçao and St. Maarten. Apart from coins that had circulated in the islands of the Netherlands Antilles and that still circulate, there was also a varying exhibition of foreign coins and banknotes. Furthermore, visitors could see an extensive collection of precious stones.

In 2002, the coin museum moved to a smaller location in Klipstraat, Otrobanda. It was decided to remove the foreign coins and banknotes from the exhibition. The coins that had circulated in the islands and still circulated at the time were at the center in this exhibition.

At present, the museum is accommodated at Scharlooweg 11 in the quarter with the same name, Scharloo. In the meantime, the exhibition has been extended and attention is also paid to barter trade, the history of the Antillean banknote and the tasks of the Central Bank. Due to the extension of the exhibition, it was decided to adapt the name of the museum, and ‘Money Museum’ was opted for.

The objective of the Money Museum is to inform visitors of the history of money in Curaçao and the former islands of the Netherlands Antilles, and to guarantee the national heritage. In the library of the Museum, visitors can consult various books on the history of money, and students can apply to us here when preparing their school projects on money. 

The Money Museum is also member of the ICOM (International Council of Museums) and through the ICOM also a member of ICOMON (International Committee for Money and Banking Museums)

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